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Finally, a Roadmap to Getting Qualified Leads from Instagram!

Get more qualified leads from social media by empowering your team to market effectively on Instagram!


This guide, made specifically for agents like you, is broken into bite-sized video tutorials and is jam packed with actionable value, and has been expertly crafted by a social media strategist who specializes in helping REALTORS®️!

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I can't tell you how many times I hit pause and rewind as I was actively updating my profile ... Now I'm even more excited about the rest of these tutorials!"

— Happy Agent + Get Reel Customer

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Have you been meaning to get your Instagram presence up but it always ends up taking the back seat?

  • Have you tried learning how to use Instagram on your own and always end up frustrated?

  • Did you feel confused when Instagram first launched Reels — and now you feel like you're behind or still in the dark?

  • Has Instagram marketing been a pain in your side to the point where you've given up on it?

If you've said YES even once, we have the perfect solution for your social media woes...


Get Reel: Instagram Marketing for Real Estate Professionals

A video tutorial series designed to grow your Instagram and get you noticed

New realtor watching Get Reel Instagram Marketing for REALTORS® videos

Watch Bite-Sized Tutorials

The series is broken into four sections jam-packed with value you won't find anywhere else:


  1. The Building Blocks of SUCCESS

  2. Ensure You Are SEARCHABLE

  3. Get Your Brand SEEN



Fill Your Funnel on Auto-Pilot

The best thing about Instagram Marketing is that once your account catches momentum, lead generation becomes almost automated!


You will get instant access to the guide and can begin building your account from day one!


Learn at Your Own Pace

Pause, Take a Break, Rewind, Rewatch — you're in control of how you learn! 


The guide is self-paced so you can do what you need in order to fully digest each and every nugget of value it provides.


Your All-in-One Blueprint to Marketing on Instagram

What's Inside Your Lessons


The Building Blocks of SUCCESS
  • Introduction

  • Lesson 1: How to Navigate the Instagram App + Tips to Be Seen

  • Lesson 2: Profile Set Up + SEO Optimization

  • Lesson 3: All About the Link in Bio + the Social Media Funnel


  • Lesson 4: Four Different Post Types + When to Use Them

  • Lesson 5: Creating a Post + the Secrets to Making Your Caption Searchable

  • Lesson 6: Adding a Story + Which Tools to use as a REALTOR®


Get Your Brand SEEN
  • Lesson 7: Creating a Lip Sync Reel + Stopping the Scroll

  • Lesson 8: My Tried & True Reel Caption Strategy for Agents

  • Lesson 9: Uploading a Reel + Seamless Transitions

Join the Conversation!

Each short video has an interactive comment section so you are a part of the conversation every step of the way!




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